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Building a Pathway to Greener skies – an interview with Celeste Goschen

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Celeste Goschen, Creative Director and co-founder of Neboair, talks about the Velis Electro the world's first fully electric aircraft. She is also the founder of Wilderley, recently featured in The Sunday Times, Vogue and Marie Claire as the 'new green destination', which is also the hub for the world's first fully-certified electric aircraft.

How was Neboair concieved?
A few years ago the idea of an aircraft being fuelled soley by electricity was the stuff of science fiction. The well-being and future of this planet has always been key to what we do and is very close to my heart. When Pipistrel, the manufacturer of the Velis announced its design completion, we were the first distributor to certify it. It was then a question of creating a business to soley represent our environmental ethos.

What's the latest?
The 30th of July was a momentous and record-breaking day. Powered purely by solar, our aircraft carried out its first flying display in front of a crowd of hundreds at Old Buckenham airshow. Normally, aircraft are accompianied by music but for this event we called for complete silence. It was a very moving experience for the whole team.

How far along are you with the project?
We've recently partnered with the UK's leading green energy giant, Octopus, to create a network of charging stations throughout the country, and beyond. This is a huge step forward for our little company.
Affinity Flight Training Services and the RAF started using two VELIS Electro testing the feasibility of using electric aircraft for training functions as part of early steps towards a Net Zero Air Force by their 2040 target. Phase two commenced at RAF College Cranwell in March 2022.
We've also signed a deal with SaxonAir as a leading provider for training.
Airfields across the UK and Europe are sending letters of intent wishing to join the project and enhance our network; so far, the future is looking positive!

What's your ambition driving the business forward?
To grow our team of women. We already have a number of leading players; one of whom - Kerry Wilmot - has been a key driver in the business. We are also developing a STEM program which we aim to deliver throughout the UK.

Final Words?
There needs to be more cooperation between industry and the Government to accelerate progress. Investment and proper policies are needed to drive Jet zero forward and although we appreciate the individual's decision to cut down unnecessary air travel, the responsibility still remains with companies like ours striving hard to deliver greener alternatives.