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'Wilderley' Famous Five Questions. Bryan Goodsir-Thompson

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Famous Five Questions

1. Tell us a bit about yourself and what you do as a ‘day job’?

By day I work for CEFAS as one of the senior engineers in the Marine Operations team, managing our survey vessel RV Cefas Endeavour and providing engineering support to put wide range of portfolio work across the UK and the world. CEFAS is the Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science and world leader in marine science and technology, tackling the serious global problems of climate change, biodiversity loss and food security to secure a sustainable blue future for all. 

2. You do a fair amount of detecting at Wilderley. What sparked your interest in detectoring? 

I've always had a passion for history and how our ancestors lived combine that with stunning East Anglian scenery and the peace and serenity that comes with our hobby. The stories that run through your head as you walk across the land of roman battles, civil war encampments, medieval market places bustling with life and trade. The thrill of possibly, maybe, hopefully uncovering something that someone held hundreds if not thousands of years ago is what makes detecting more of a passion rather than just a hobby. 

3. What inspired you to start your own YOUTUBE channel?

I started my own channel when I started detecting with fellow enthusiast John Houghton. We have a good dynamic and we were uncovering some very interesting finds together. We formed Two Tones detecting 2 years ago now and not long after I began detecting at Church Farm. Since then we have amassed a small social media following on Facebook and uncovered 2 seperate hoards, which we have documented and shared on our social media platforms.

4. What’s your favourite animal on the farm and why?

It's impossible to choose just one favourite. There are so many unique animals at Wilderley, however if I was to narrow it down it would definitely be Bear the skunk and Ralph the pig. Having helped to "recapture" Ralph after his dramatic great escape attempt on the farm and detecting around him while he slept he really is a gentle giant. Bear on the other hand is very cute, loves his cuddles and clings to you like a newborn. 

5. What’s you favourite retreat on the farm?

My favourite retreat has to be the old ammunition train wagon that has been superbly decorated and furnished to reflect its prior life. It truly is like stepping back in time and the various wartime memoribila are reflected in the farms connections to its previous owner who served in the Royal Ordnance Corp in World War 1 and of course the crashed B24 bomber which crash landed nearby which also has links to the farm.