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FARMOSOPHY 1 - by its founders

Leaving a Legacy and Nurturing Nature...

The farm, just like its human custodians, has developed and grown over the past few years since we purchased it. We felt it important, from the start, to enrich portions of the land's previous 'natural heritage' by re-introducing native species of flowers and grasses, redevelop hedging, which had been previously stripped out, and plant trees. Just basic human ecology! Trees contribute to the environment by improving the quality of the air, preserving soil, and supporting wildlife. Leaving behind a 'natural footprint' for future generations to interact with teaches us that this is one of the true forms of permanence we have. This year alone, we have planted nearly 200 trees, most of which we won't see to their full maturity. To imagine future birds nesting and creating a habitat where animals may shelter for years to come is the most satisfying and moral consideration that we can give.

Trees are sanctuaries,” wrote the German poet and philosopher Herman Hesse. “When we have learned to listen to trees… that is home. That is happiness.”