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FARMOSOPHY 3 - by its founders

A lot has happened over the Spring and Summer months. More trees planted and many connections made between customers and neighbours who are all keen to learn more about rewilding their gardens and land.

"For in the true nature of things, if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than if it were made of gold and silver." Martin Luther

As Autumn approaches, it's time to take stock and look to the future - where do we want to take this beautiful piece of land and how?

Our new Zebu retired cattle have been a wonderful addition to the farm.

Joining our sheep, they will all be grazing our wildflower and hay meadow; encouraging healthy growth by treading seed into the ground and removing thick grass growth, allowing light to aid seed germination. It's been wonderful to share ideas with visitors to the farm, as well as our amazing volunteers. Wilderley is about seeding dreams, planting for the future and creating moments for people to remember. We will be establishing a planting scheme to commemorate births, marriages and everything in between on our new Wilderley plantation.

Daily, we've noticed more and more birds and insects joining the Wilderley family. We elected to cease any form of spraying three years ago - now all weeds are religiously pulled out by hand. We believe this has helped with the population of insects, butterflies, bees and moths. Inspired by this, we've started a catalogue, photographing every new plant and insect which we hope that visitors will be able to add to, with their own observations, in the near future.

So, as the first leaf falls to join the earth, we will be busy planting and preparing for the Winter ahead, moving forward and in harmony with this beautiful piece of heaven in the Waveney Valley.